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5 Stories In Hip-Hop Worthy Of Feature Films



Wposter1-JZ-SMALLith the recent success of the movie Straight Outta Compton (120 million and counting), we here at One track Mine got to thinking; what other stories in hip-hop would make pretty awesome feature films /movies? There are so many dynamic storylines in the hip hop genre after all that it’s really only a matter of time before Hollywood execs are releasing “Straight Outta Compton Part 7 – When Serena Met Kendrick.” So if you’re listening Hollywood, you should probably pick one of these OTHER stories instead of being left to your own devices and butchering my culture. And for good measure, I’ll even throw in the director best suited for the formidable task because no one wants to see Tyler Perry Presents “On The Clock; The Autobiography of Flavor Flav.”

Grab The Throne; The Life and Times of Jay Z – Directed by David Fincher

Set in the dimly lit hallways of The Marcy Projects and Bed Stuy Brooklyn, Grab The Throne tells the story of Jay-Z’s transition from drug dealer to artist to becoming one of the largest selling artists in hip hop music. Gravy who played B.I.G. in Notorious could easily revise his role as Biggie Smalls. Something alsotells us Michael B. Jordan would make as excellent Hov. Who better than David Fincher (Fight Club, Social Network, Seven) to bring out the complexity of Jay-Z’s persona? The Roc is in the Building!!
All In The Same Gang – Directed by Martin Scorsese

This Martin Scorsese directed documentary focuses primarily on the effect hip-hop has had on gang violence in America. With continuous scrutiny of lyrical content in hip hop music, specifically the glorification of violence, All In The Same Gang questions the merits of this argument by comparing gang violence pre and post the rise of gangster rap in America. When exactly did poster1-WU-SMALLgangster rap and actual gangsters intersect, if at all? Is there more of a correlation between the negative images in Hollywood movies than the negative messages in hip-hop music? All these questions and more will be answered. Coming no time soon to a theater very far from you.

Enter The Wu – Directed by Quentin Tarrantino

Shot entirely on site in Killer Hill (Park Hill), Staten Island and similar to Kill Bill meets Pulp Fiction, Enter The Wu tells the story of each individual member of the Wu Tang Klan in detail and how they would eventually form one of the biggest hip hop groups in history. This movie would of course have enough karate and Kung Fu sequences to empty out several Shaolin temples. This is why Tarantino was hired to direct the project in the first place, so Kung Fu away!

How The South Was Won – Directed by Spike Leeposter1-SOUSMALL

In a world where only East Coast and West Coast emcees were respected, there was a rumble in the southern music scene that couldn’t be ignored. Two rappers destined to rise to fame would have to overcome all obstacles and ignorances. This is a story of artistic dissension. This is a story of Big Boi , Andre “3000” Benjamin and the Dungeon Family. This is the story of Outkast.

Hustle Like Russell – Directed by Guy Ritchie

Russell Simmons is a pioneer in hip-hop and one of the most successful and influential figures in the genre. What better way to pay homage to this mogul than with a fast paced, intricately woven tale of the rise of Def Jam Records, told in a manner that only Guy Ritchie (Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Sherlock Holmes) can? Set in Manhattan in the early 80’s, Hustle Like Russell weaves through the seedy record industry, drug induced nightlife and the struggles of convincing white America that Run D.M.C, The Beastie Boys  and L.L Cool J were the future of music.

And there you have it. Can you think of any other stories that would make great movies?

Crazed Afrykan is a writer / hip hop producer (Nas / Damien Marely) and aficionado of hip hop culture. For over 30 years, he has gained personal introspective into the motivations, rhymes and reasons for one of the most revered genres in modern music. He is also a smug, smart ass with a perplexing penchant for alliterations. You’ve been warned.


Music Sucks



Music is alive and well. Also, it sucks. Here are five brand new songs that you should avoid at all costs.

Paul McCartney – Fuh You

Can you believe I’m starting with one of the best songwriters of the last sixty years? This song takes the worst tropes of modern music and melds it with the smarmy lusts of a 76 year old man – set to the backdrop of the #metoo movement. Why Paul? Why?

Steve Perry – No Erasin’

After 25 years of silence, ex-Journey front-man releases this lyrical cesspit. Another guy pushing 70 pining for the backseat of some girl’s car. Even that smooth mid-section can’t save this Viagra ad.

Greta Van Fleet – When the Curtain Falls

Honestly, if this was a parody or a Ween song, I might feel differently, but come on Greta Van Fleet. You can’t just copy every nuance of Led Zepplin and get away with it. Although it’s working for them so far. All the elements are in place, they just need to find some originality. (the music kicks a little ass, I will admit)

Nicki Minaj – Ganja Burn

If Nicki Minaj looked like me you wouldn’t even know her name. Eight million views after three days.

Florida Georgia Line – Simple

If you like your middle-aged housewife country music with a dollop of auto-tune, have I got a terrible song for you.


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New Music Alert!




New MUSIC alert! New MUSIC alert!

With a month left in the summer of 2018,  more releases are coming fast and furious. The competition for the airwaves is on and the prize is your attention –  so let me put you on to five new records.

Queen (Nicky Minaj)

Look who’s back? It’s Queen Nicky and she brought her pen with some friends along. Eminem, Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande and Foxy Brown (nice to hear that voice again) to name a few. Nicky made a concerted effort to reach into her West Indian bag of roots on a couple of tracks on this offering and it’s worth the listen.
Standout TrackBarbie Dreams

Astroworld (Travis Scott)

This brother has been working! Travis Scott didn’t half step, as a matter of fact he took two steps forward. Seventeen tracks are on this album to prove it…STRAIGHT UP (Travis Scott voice). This is one of those albums where you can let it rock out and stay in Astroworld the entire night.
Standout TrackWake Up

5E (N.O.R.E)

Let me start off with a big THANK YOU to N.O.R.E for staying true to his craft. If you’ve never heard what the NY sound was revered for, I suggest you cop this album immediately. “Mami use to call me Dick Cheyney cause I never take my chain off, when I got my brain off” is just one those lyrics that we look forward to N.O.R.E spittin. The collaborations are on point from start to finish. Fat Joe in particular took it back to the block on a couple joints on here.
Standout TrackDon’t Know

Commissary (Casanova)

Sometimes you need tracks to hit the gym right. Sometimes you need tracks to hit the club right. Well Casanova managed to have a little bit of both on Commissary. Get your weight up and pump this!
Standout TrackLeft, Right


Rolling Papers II (Wiz Khalifa)

For all of you out there that have a problem with the frequency of Wiz Khalifa’s releases. I will venture to say the problem has been solved. Wiz dropped twenty-five songs…yes 25! for you to roll with and to. So do what you do and let Wiz be the soundtrack.
Standout TrackSomething New


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Love is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way by U2 (Beck Remix)



Touching video by the Broken Fingaz for Beck’s remix of U2’s “Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way.”

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