5 Reasons You Must See ‘Captain America : Civil War’

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5. Joe and Anthony Russo are directing this movie and after doing a great job on The Winter Soldier, this dynamic duo will provide a great foundation for the upcoming Infinity War movie placed in their capable hands. They have the ability to film and oversee intricate detailed scripts, this one by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. I always preferred the writing and stories in the Marvel universe. DC’s Batman v. Superman looked great, but was a huge mess. It’s easy to forget that a quality movie has to be on paper first. Eye candy alone will not do and the Russo brothers created a formula that works very well combining a great story and unforgettable visuals in what looks like the hands down mega hit of this summer.

4. Black Panther is making his movie debut which is huge for longtime fans of the comic and the animated series that did a hell of a job bringing T’Challa to life. Chadwick Bosemen has a spectacular platform in which to spring into his solo movie which is coming soon after Civil War dominates this summer. I wasn’t sure about the costume, but after seeing it in action I couldn’t really ask for anything better. The talented writers has given him enough to do in this movie so that his debut doesn’t feel tagged on. Panther is another example of the exceptional world-building Marvel has built on scenes that setup exciting sequels for the foreseeable future.


3. Spider-man is making his Marvel movie debut which is close to a miracle because of the Fox deal that didn’t allow him to be included in earlier films. Executives at Fox were savvy enough to admit that the last 2 Spider-man movies were garbage and that they should try and let some of Marvel’s movie magic rub off on one of their marque franchises. Kept secret for some time, Spider-man’s inclusion in this storyline made sense due to his role in the comics and the fact that everyone with common sense could tell Civil War was going to be a huge event in the Marvel film universe. The key ingredient missing from most of the Spider-man movies was his sense of humor and young perspective. These two key character elements has been included in this newly cast version of Spidey and Fox had better find a way to continue and capitalize the gift Marvel has given them in any upcoming Spider-man films.

2. Its a 2 hour and 30 minute move based on one of the best Marvel storylines written by Mark Millar, the writer behind The Kingsman and Kick Ass comics. This film sincerely tries to answer questions explored in the comic book series regarding heroism vs. vigilantism. When done well, the exploration of these ideas cause a realistic take on being a modern day hero that gives the film some emotional weight. The Winter Solider also accomplished this balance by questioning an all powerful government agency like S.H.I.E.L.D. Trying to answer what a human run government would do to deal with the emergence of super beings is a great playground that the Russos have masterfully executed in their last two movies.

1. The 15 minute airport fight scene is just one of many great action scenes, but is easily the highlight of the film. Comic book fans can appreciate the time put into pulling it off, making it a must see for anyone loving innovative visual experiences. This scene alone shows me that the Russos really get what makes a super powered battle enjoyable and accomplishes what few movies, even ones from Marvel, could do. In a lot of battles some characters seem seriously over-matched, but in Civil War you will actually be surprised by several heroes who push their powers to new limits. Even with Hero v. Hero violence the fights seem dangerous and have long lasting impact on the character’s relationships going forward. The use of Antman is a highlight and will not be easily forgotten, giving Paul Rudd an opportunity to expand his abilities when he eventually makes his upcoming sequel.

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