5 Must See Movie Trailers

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1. The Accountant

Ben Affleck got his hands on one of my favorite screenplays listed on the 2011 Black List. The back-story of the character Affleck plays (Christian Wolff) is what I think could be very interesting. His genius at math and his upbringing is a great mix for some quality action.

2. Inferno

Tom Hanks returns for another go around in a movie based on a book by one of my favorite authors; Dan Brown’s Inferno. Although all his books are fiction, Brown takes time to cleverly use real locations and unique takes on history based on historical facts. This latest story is one of his most entertaining and educational and should cause a lot of nightmares this summer.

3. The Infiltrator
Bryan Cranston is a cop trying to get Pablo Escobar’s number one man in the US during the 80’s. This should be another memorable performance that will give Cranston another shot at playing in the world of drugs and violence.

4. The Purge
I’m a fan of the first two movies, so I intend on finding out how the writers have expanded on their apocalyptic vision of future America. These visuals of the violence on Purge Day are authentic and feel very possible in a world that might be run by Donald Trump-like politics.

5. Assassin’s Creed

Video game movies are notoriously bad and game makers Ubisoft knows this. So they made a great effort to get a great script and cast to avoid doing the same. The look is great, so we can only hope the writing is good enough to keep us entertained and provide a great videogame movie adoption that could begin a new trend.

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