5 Must See Comic Book Movies in 2016

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The merc with a mouth is looking pretty good so far and the inclusion of Colossus and an R rating makes me think we’ll be seeing something we’re not used to in Marvel movies thus far.

4. Suicide Squad

The new trailer that just dropped offers the best look into what could be a great cinematic event or a horrible mess. The trailer gives a visual introduction to most of the oddball team and a glimpse of the enemy they’ve been assembled to defeat in this Dirty Dozen meets The Avengers hybrid.

3. Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Winter Soldier is one of my favorite Marvel movies and the men behind that film return with the introduction of Black Panther and basically all the Avengers showing up to battle one another. The fight sequence in the trailer of Cap and Bucky attacking Iron Man looks incredible, and we haven’t even seen the new Spiderman yet!

2. X-Men: Apocalypse

With this movie in the hands of Bryan Singer it has the potential to be an epic movie featuring some of my all time favorite comic book characters. Apocalypse, claiming to be the first mutant, and controlling the Four Horseman, has this X-Men fan eagerly waiting the latest chapter in the Marvel universe.

1. Batman v Superman

This movie is poised to be the event of the year. Everything I’ve seen so far looks fantastic and has me excited about the possibilities. Director Zack Synder has a great track record of making unforgettable ground breaking visual experiences. This movie, the foundation of an upcoming Justice League movie, makes Batman v Superman a must see in 2016.

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