X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer with Stills

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Aside from that other little movie opening next week, geeks everywhere are pretty psyched about the latest in the X-Men franchise. Coming Memorial Day weekend, X-Men: Apocalypse promises to be epic. The Bryan Singer directed film dropped a trailer today, which is a little too heavy on the J-Law.

Like that other movie, this one also features Oscar Issac, who dons the controversial costume of super villain Apocalypse. Fans were quick to denounce his appearance in the last clip Marvel made available – this time they at least added his famous jawline. Truthfully, he should be larger than life, like those CGI heavy Thanos designs we’ve already seen in bits and pieces. X-Men: Apocalypse doesn’t drop till May 27, 2016, so there’s plenty of time to tweak the look digitally. Let’s hope they do.

Check out the trailer and stills below.

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