V.I.P. Sir Paul McCartney 6/18/42 – 2/15/16

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Sir Paul

I don’t know if I want to exist on a planet where Sir Paul McCartney is not V.I.P. enough to get into a club. What the hell is wrong with today’s generation?! Perhaps for a small loan of $53 million dollars, Sir Kanye West can breathe some life back into the Knight’s life. Bad word play, it’s what we do…


In a story that’s top-to-bottom illogical, a Beatle, a Foo Fighter, and an alternative icon got rejected from Tyga‘s Grammys afterparty last night. First off, why Paul McCartney, Taylor Hawkins, and Beck were even trying to get into Tyga’s event is worth wondering at, but the fact that they couldn’t get in is just dumbfounding.


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Source: http://consequenceofsound.net/

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