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5 Upcoming Must See DC Universe Movies You Might Not Know About



5. Shazam


Shazam doesn’t have its main star cast yet but has writer Darren Lemke (Turbo) and star (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as villain Black Adam). I would have been happy with The Rock as Shazam, so Warner Brothers better cast someone worthy of the role or I’m going to disappointed and left wanting a Black Adam movie. Hopefully at the minimum we get to see Henry Cavill’s Superman fight The Rock’s Black Adam.

4. Cyborg


Unknown actor Ray Fisher has been cast as the young robot genius and will make his debut as Vic Stone/Cyborg in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. We can expect Cyborg to be given a key role in several upcoming DC universe films, especially in both Justice League films which may lead up to a eventual solo film.

3. Green Lantern Corps


It was announced at Comic Con 2015 that the next movie version of Green Lantern will be called Green Lantern Corps. The movie might feature three Green Lanterns, with John Stewart as the main Green Lantern. Hal Jordan will return along with possibly Tyrese Gibson after his intense lobbying for the role along with some evidence of internet fanboy interest.

2. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold


In what’s been called a “superhero buddy cop movie” these two 1980 Justice League members might bring a light-hearted vibe to the ultra-serious feel of the upcoming DC lineup. The Tracking Board reports that Arrow and Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti plans to produce and direct. Writer Zak Penn (The Incredible HulkThe Avengers) is rumored to be involved in the screenplay.

1. Justice League Dark


Dark Universe is also known as Justice League Dark and features a number of supernatural characters from the DC Universe. Almost every member has a horror background, so well known stables like Swamp Thing and John Constantine are joining the lesser known, Demon, Deadman, and Zatanna. Director Guillermo del Toro has been trying to develop this project for a while and recently confirmed that the script is finished.


Aaron Paul Breaks Bad Once Again



Vince Gilligan brings us the further adventures of Jesse Pinkman as only he can, and the results are pretty entertaining.

Released on Netflix and in theaters on Friday, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie steps back and forward in time to resolve Pinkman’s story in two tension packed hours. Thankfully, Gilligan doesn’t bite off more than he can chew, and manages to pack more action into this story than in four frickin’ seasons of Better Call Saul.

You know that feeling you get when an episode of Saul ends and you feel like you’ve just been tricked into watching lawyers talking for an hour? You won’t have that with El Camino.

Now, if they could just spin off Jonathan Banks the same way.

Some familiar faces show up here and there, and they thankfully don’t chew up too much of the scenery. Worth noting that Robert Forster does a fine job in El Camino, and he unfortunately passed away the day the film was released. Peace out, Mr. Forster.

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1570216451060No villain in comic book history has been more praised, dissected, and interpreted than the Joker. His enigmatic past has given several authors opportunity to give their take on his origins, yet never stapling him down to any legitimate background. This film is another folklore to add to the potential rise of a mad man.

If you’re expecting a superhero movie, you have definitely come to the wrong place. This film is a character study of a man suffering from trauma, abuse, and mental illness. It relates less to the Batman comics and more to a blend of Martin Scorsese‘s Taxi Driver & King of Comedy which ironically both star Robert De Niro. It dives deep into the descent of a delusional man pushed to his absolute limits as he begins to find his ultimate self in the bowels of a maddening society.

Joaquin Phoenix was spectacular in the role, embodying the look and characteristics of the villain we are all familiar with, yet adding a twisted perspective that humanizes his actions and roots it in many forms of anguish. His body twisting in macabre movements added to a tone which conflicted its viewer between rooting for him or slowly separating ourselves from his bizarre antics.

The environment of the movie is perfect for this character: New York City in the early 80’s, which is how we’ve been conditioned to stereotype Gotham. It’s dirty, dreadful, ugly, and cultivated all the elements needed to allow sickness to thrive.

The supporting cast added value to the movie without standing out more than Joaquin, who is impossible to outshine.

Only two big flaws I found with the movie:

1. It was very slow-paced. Just surpassing two hours it felt like it dragged during certain scenes and some tighter editing could’ve cured some of that.

2. I would’ve love to have seen more of the clown make-up. Even though Arthur Fleck was interesting on his own, there was a certain level of superhuman strength he dawned with the clown paint. He was evil, he was scary, and inhuman, and that would’ve been just as intriguing to observe.

Other than that. It was a pretty solid movie.

Overall Grade: B+

Joker was more fascinating than I anticipated, and strikes a good balance between comedy and tragedy. I recommend it to anyone that is happy cringing through some really foul human behavior.

Joker (2019) 2h 2min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 4 October 2019 (USA) Summary: In Gotham City, mentally-troubled comedian Arthur Fleck embarks on a downward-spiral of social revolution and bloody crime. This path brings him face-to-face with his infamous alter-ego: "The Joker".
Countries: USA, CanadaLanguages: English

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5. The Marvel cinematic universe wouldn’t exist without this casting! (Wesley Snipes/Blade)

4.  This casting brought this character to life to audiences that weren’t fully aware of who Iron Man was! (Robert Downey Jr./Iron Man)

3. There has been many men of steel, but no one has pulled it off as organically as he did! (Christopher Reeve/Superman)

2. This was the holy grail of casting! NO ONE else could possibly play this role as intended. (Hugh Jackman/Wolverine)

  1. Capturing the psychosis of a character that seemed unimaginable so accurately landed this casting as number 1! (Heath Ledger/Joker)

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