5 Comic Book Storylines Perfect For The Upcoming Batman Movie Trilogy

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The below stories exclude various comic books that were already used as the source material for Chistopher Nolan’s movies starring Christian Bale.

5. Under The Red Hood


The death of Jasons Todd’s Robin has already been hinted in The Superman V Batman trailers. It would make sense that these stand-alone movies would give the backstory to what happened to the Dark Knight’s sidekick and eventually sent him down a darker and grisly path. An older Batman, dealing with the aftermath of enlisting young children into his crusade of justice, would be a realistic and logical step for these movies to take. The dynamic of Affleck dealing with a ruthless reflection of himself would be epic onscreen.

4. The Killing Joke


Considered as the definitive Joker origin story, and written by legendary writer Alan Moore, this story arc would be a great choice in setting up the next three films. The story gives Affleck a way to show how Jared Leto’s Joker and the hardened older Batman are alike in a lot of uncomfortable ways. As one of the storylines that brought Batman over to a more serious tone in the comic book world, this one is a great foundation. The torment of Commissioner Gordon and family could be the area where these films can illuminate the relationship between these well known characters.

3. Arkham Asylum : Serious House Of Serious Earth


With clear influences from the Batman Arkham Asylum video game series, this is a great place to mine a trilogy from. Thanks to the Suicide Squad movie already in the can, we know these characters are part of the DC movie universe. With the Joker already built into the storyline, this could be a great way to introduce a large number of Batman’s foes all at once. The need of Batman to show up at Arkham to confront the villains he imprisoned provides a ton of possibilities that could easily last three movies. Based on the success of the games alone,Warner Bros could just play it safe and give us what they already repackaged with a older pissed off Batman.

2. Death Of The Family


5 Comic Book Storylines Perfect For The Upcoming Batman Movie Trilogy

This iconic story arc would give Jared Leto’s Joker a major seat at the table in making Affleck’s Dark Knight’s life a living hell. The Joker appears with a plan to murder or maim everyone associated with Batman in everyway. This would give a perfect platform to introduce us to an expanded Batman world where we would be introduced to his extended vigilante family as Joker attempts to take ’em out. We would get a taste of Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and everyone else Batman fans know and love. To keep fans on their toes, Robin, who dies in this arc, could survive or just be one of many that fall to the Joker’s master plan of revenge.

1. Court of Owls


Using Gotham as a character as well as a backdrop to a sprawling dynamic story arc, Batman finds himself going against a secret society that controls everything in Gotham. This new story is already beloved in Batman lore. The expanse of people involved and their presence in Gotham give Affleck a great backdrop that could effortlessly last three movies. The Court Of Owls could be responsible for sending and creating any Batman foes imaginable as well as dispatching their dangerously formidable assassins “The Talons”. With eyes and people everywhere, I think this would be fertile ground for a cinematic comic book masterpiece.

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