Crazed Afrykan’s 2014 Hip Hop Predictions

What do we think 2014 will have in store? Let's find out!!
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  1. Kanye West will have a disagreement with Kanye West and will repeatedly accuse Kanye West of not having all the answers #bipolar
  2. In addition to being the King of New York, Kendrick Lamar will also claim to be the last King of Scotland. Many Scottish rappers will take offense (including Forest Whitaker) and respond with terrible diss records #Sensitivethugs
  3. Jay-Z will strike a simultaneous deal with Samsung, MLB, Barneys, and Universal. Going forward, all 2014 Robinson Cano homeruns will be streamed exclusively on Samsung phones with Barney’s phone cases during Live Nation concerts at the Barclay Center every time Beyonce releases a secret album #I’mabusinessman #youwereserioushuh?
  4. Drake will release a menstrual inducing song and for some inexplicable reason, name it after a hardcore rap group. #again #wutangforever #M.O.Plovesyou
  5. Pusha T will make a song about drug dealing #enoughalready
  6. Rick Ross will make a song about drug dealing #enoughalready
  7. Wiz Khalifa will make a song about drug using #munchies
  8. Juicy J will get caught buying drugs from Rick Ross and Pusha T for a recording session scheduled with Wiz Khalifa #fullcircle
  9. In an effort to appeal to Asian markets, Snoop Dogg will change his name to Snoop Panda and release the international smash “Ginseng and Juice”. This will lead to groundbreaking sales of his original album Doggystyle. Unfortunately, some Asians will be angered when they find out Doggystyle is not a cook book #poortaste #addsalt #imsorry
  10. The most hardcore rap song of the year will feature either Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga #hippop
  11. In the most confusing case of racism ever recorded, Eminem and Macklemore will exchange blows when Eminem refers to Macklemore as a “Honkey a$$ N*gga”. #Reverse-reverseracism #straightracism?
  12. Kanye West will claim to be a genius at toilet paper design and end all his concerts explaining how executives at Charmin refuse to take his calls. No one will give a …#Sh*t #sortalikenow
2014 hip hop predictions



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