Heavy Rotation – New Music

Music is happening all the time.
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Life is tough, that ain’t no lie. Luckily they keep making new music. Here’s five new tracks for your troubled headspace.  

1. Man of War / Radiohead

The best unreleased song from the remastered OK Computer album gets a masterfully edited video.

 2. The Story of O.J. / Jay-Z

Hova schools you in this instant classic.

3. Sober Delic (Acid Only) / Melvins

I’m totally digging the new Melvins double album. Disc one, anyway.

4. Big Fish / Vince Staples

Crisp flow from the clean livin’ Cali emcee.

5. Magician (Suture) / Milo

Phat track from a rapper you ain’t never heard of.



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