Five Reasons You Must Watch ‘War Dogs’

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5. Even though I lived through the Bush Administration, it still feels like a bad comedy movie come to life. There are so many things that were done while he was in office it’s hard to follow it all. In 2011 I was blown away by the true story of two men from Miami who became international arms dealers. This movie is based on that Rolling Stone article which, although true, sounds like a parody of reality. Just in case you didn’t know, this movie is another reminder that America’s number one export is still weapons.

4. After Bush took office, I watched as private military contracts soared from $145 billion in 2001 to $390 billion in 2008. I kept seeing reports of record breaking arms deals with military-industrial giants like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. War profiteering became a lucrative business model. Watching Packouz and Diveroli as they decide to sell weapons to the Afghan Army to fund their music careers should bring light to some of the real crimes that were committed.

3. The real Efraim Diveroli was born into the gun running business. His father moved Kevlar jackets to the local police, and his uncle B.K. sold all types of guns like Colts, Sig Sauers, and Glocks to law enforcement. I’d love to see how that household deals with everyone being in the gun business, it should be a unique experience.

2. These two men in their 20’s were following a similar path depicted in a favorite movie of mine called Lord Of War starring Nick Cage. That movie showed how Cage’s character, also based on a real person, took advantage of the collapse on the Soviet Union to become the number one arms dealer in the world. Packouz and Diveroli sadly are able to replicate the same path to success after taking one of his father’s shell companies (AEY Inc.) and getting in on the aftermarket in arms stockpiled in warehouses throughout the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

1. Although this is a comedy, I expect to get another eye opening glimpse into the international arms trade. Directed by the man behind the Hangover films, this movie has a chance to expose some of the things we could look forward to under a Trump presidency, where Big Business rules above everything. The absurdity of this story will hopefully make people understand how things like this can happen in the same way the movie The Big Short exposed Wall Street and the government for the con men and thieves they really are.

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