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Where can you hear amazing sounds, find relaxing beaches and meet cool people? Look no further than the Tobago Jazz Experience. Running eight years strong, this year’s installment featured promising home grown talent and visiting musical legends performing on the beautiful stages of Pigeon Point Heritage Park.



The artists assembled for this event addressed all musical needs. Whether you wanted to hear the smooth sounds of Maxwell, the lyrical gems of J Cole, classic compositions of Third World or the unforgettable tunes of Lauryn Hill (and everything in between)…this was the place for you.

Maxwell ran down his impressive discography of love making tunes (to the ladies delight) and ingratiated himself to his fellow Caribbean brothers/sisters by letting them know that he too was from an island. The island of Manhattan (really from Brooklyn) that is…by way of Haiti and Puerto Rico.

J Cole seemed pretty shocked and pleased that the people of Trinidad and Tobago knew his songs as well as he did. Line for line and word for word they accompanied him throughout his lyrical wizardry. Despite some sound or soundman issues, Lauryn sounded like Lauryn. She delivered unique variations of some of her classics that were killing Tobago softly.


The Queen of Bacchanal “Destra” took time out of her busy schedule and graced us with her presence. She kept things interesting by demonstrating her vocal range covering a multitude of Alicia Keys chart toppers. From “Falling” to “Girl on Fire”, she didn’t miss a beat.

Equally impressive were the opening acts that respectably held their own. Clifford Charles and Band kept the vibes right with their soothing Caribbean expressions of Jazz, while Dil-E-Nadan hit us with an entertaining set including their spin on “Can’t Touch This” and “The Electric Slide”.

Newcomers Jay Nahge and Adana shined under the bright lights like seasoned pros. Jay displayed the universal impact of hip hop while Adan fused Soca and R&B seamlessly. Their command on stage and content didn’t go unnoticed. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised to see them headlining soon.

Besides the spectacular show, Tobago had much more to offer and see. Thanks to the guidance of Edwin Ottley of Paradise of Trinbago ( I was able enjoy some of the other finer things Tobago has to offer. Such as the beautiful beaches and addictive Bake and Shark. Get yours at Kevin’s Gyro (across the street from Jenny’s) and mention who sent you there. You can’t go wrong!




Fortunately I was also able to experience the natural tranquility of Tobago. Located in the capital of Tobago “Scarborough”, I laid my head in the Villa Inn D’ Vale. It proved to be a nice change of pace and situated me closer to some of the other festivities taking place during this celebration of Jazz.




 It would be safe to assume that I will return sooner than later to relive and create more memories. Thanks again to the courteous and helpful staff of the Division of Tourism and Transportation of Tobago. Your professionalism and assistance was truly appreciated.

As for everyone else…I expect to see you there next year. First drink is on you!


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