The BET Awards Had A Teachable Moment?! GTFOH!!!

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So the BET Awards were this weekend and anyone who knows me knows I’m not a huge fan of the BET Awards. I normally skip it entirely and especially on the night of the season finally of Game Of Thrones (did Cersei Lannister really just go full Darth Vader and “9/11” Westeros?!?). In any event, GOT ended and one of my friends decides to flip on the Awards and I actually had some takeaways I wouldn’t’ mind sharing. Enjoy

  1. Who the hell is Jesse Williams?

When my friend flipped on BET and proclaimed “Jessie’s on!”, another friend said “Jesse Jackson?” What’s more hilarious is I initially thought she was referring to “Jesse” from All My Children as that is the only “Jesse” I know famous enough to be referenced without their last name. I’ll be 100% honest, I had no idea who Jesse Williams was until last night but when I heard him mention “false promises of the after life,” my ears perked up. When he was done speaking, I was impressed. It’s a rarity you get such truth on television. Here’s the speech.

  1. Beyonce’s Opening Performance

Beyonce’s performance of Freedom featuring Kendrick Lamar’s was probably the best performance I’ve seen since they both last performed on television. They seem to be getting pretty good at this but judge for yourself.

  1. Janelle Monáe’s Butt Cheeks

After the Madonna tribute to Prince, fans were left asking questions like “Why not Janelle Monáe?!” Well, we got exactly what we asked for, no butts or ands about it. Ok, maybe there was one cute little chocolate butt involved butt that’s OK. Don’t think Prince would’ve minded either.

  1. Panda – Monium on the Internets

As a result of Desiigner’s… eh em, “eclectic” performance, the memes have been flying out of the factory faster than Birdman’s Repeck And Meek Mill v Drake combined.


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