The uncivil war
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If you reside in these “UNITED” States of America, you may constantly find yourself in the conundrum of picking a side. Whether it’s the North over the South, the oppressor or the oppressed or maybe even the Republicans as opposed to the Democrats. This mindset is nothing new in our history and is practiced religiously. Why you may ask?…because it works.

Dividing and conquering, or better yet dividing and ruling, has been a strategy employed for centuries. It naturally weakens the power of the people by distracting each faction from their common interests on to their promoted differences. The mindset is indoctrinated to minimize the possibility of compromise. All or nothing is increasingly the goal deemed as the only prize.

Is it realistic to agree with everything one person or one party does? Or can you be Democratic on some issues and have Republican views on others?

The critical thinkers among us know the answers to these questions. Unfortunately those voices are increasingly silenced by the loud rhetoric of the single minded sheep suppressing their underutilized dynamic brains.

The mindset is indoctrinated to minimize the possibility of compromise.

This has forged an “US” against “THEM” playing field with one consistent winner…the owners of the game. They are well versed in the third chapter of The Art of War (Strategic Attack (Chinese: 謀攻,谋攻) defines the source of strength as unity, not size, and discusses the five factors that are needed to succeed in any war) and utilize it to perfection.

It’s a game of chess where Kings and Queens compromise… better yet sacrifice pawns/people for their specific agendas. The war produces tons of shrapnel and we the people are the victims left suffering from those painful wounds. Healing is possible but it will take the sacrifice of those who recognize the game and choose to speak out until they’re heard.

Are we “UNITED” or “UNTIED”? The answer resides within “US”.


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