5 Reasons You Must Watch Mr. Robot Season 3

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5. The writing on this show is what sets it apart from anything else on television. Complex plotting and references to hacking has brought this show to a point where it might be losing its original audience. I love creator Sam Esmiel’s effort not to dumb things down while exploring the darkest corners of America’s modern nightmare. If this season doesn’t get the love it deserves, it might get to a point where USA gives up on it and we lose one of the best shows ever created for television. Enjoy it while it lasts!

4. Stage 2 of Mr Robot’s plan is about to attack E-Corp in a way that will bring a new level of chaos. The question is whether Phillip Price is behind whats going on, or is he just trying to manage a crisis after discovering its existence. Elliot getting shot definitely won’t improve his mental state, offering new challenges in the ongoing battle to control his own mind. This season would be a logical time to bring the E-Corp take-down story arc to some form of conclusion.

3. The women of Mr. Robot are at a unique stage where Angela is now working with White Rose and The Dark Army and Elliot’s sister Darlene is dealing with the revelation that the FBI has a detailed timeline of everything she and F-Society has done since the End Of The World Party.

2. At some point I see the FBI working with F-Society and The Dark Army to stop whatever Phillip Price has planned as a end goal. Dom and Darlene would be a dangerous duo and maybe smart enough to get Elliot out of the mess they are all in. Watching these two sides join forces is one of the things I hopefully get to see this season.

1. Each season has revealed that one main detail in Elliot’s mind is completely false and a self delusion that effects his perception of reality. What will be this season’s deception, and how mind blowing will it be? Is it possible that the twist that usually comes around episode 7 or 8 be so mind-blowing that it scares off more viewers?

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