Top 10 Grammy WTF Moments

The most ridiculous outfits and WTF moments at the 2015 Grammy Awards
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Now that the 2015 Grammy Awards are over, let’s get to what people care about the most. No, not the awards, silly. The most outlandish moments of the night. Here’s a recap of last night’s most notable WTF moments and yes, Kanye is involved again.

1. Madonna the Matador flashed her pasty cheeks on the red carpet… WTF?


2. Kanye’s Snuggie / Harry Potter rap battle outfit…WTF?!?

Grammy - Kanye Potter

3. Rihanna’s Power Puff Girl gone solo outfit… WTF?

Rhi dress_large

4. Kanye’s almost bum-rushing the stage again… WTF?!

5. Jay-Z’s actual WTF face when Yeezy makes his way for the Grammy stage.”Not again Yeezy… noooo…”

6. Pharell’s evil Bell Hop rendition of Happy. #GrandBudapestPharell


7. Sia’s multiple personality disorder Grammy performance featuring Kristen Wiig… WTF?


8. Prince’s Orange Sorbet is the New Purple outfit (with matching pimp cane)… WTF?

Grammy 2015 Prince

9. Sia’s red carpet hairy dog do… WTF!?!


10. Twitter’s take on everything, like adding Left Shark to Katy Perry’s performance….WTF?

Left Shark


And there you have it. The strange, the bad and the ugly of the 2015 Grammy awards all under one roof (what fun is the good afterall?) See you next year for more over the top performances, ridiculous outfits, outlandish comments and….

“Ayo Afykan, I’ma let you finish but Beyonce wrote an article about last night’s Grammys’ that is 12 times better than this one! You need to respect her art and stop playing with us”!


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