Who will determine when enough is enough? The victims or the system?
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The silence accompanied by the murder of black men at the hands of the police is as common as the noise heard against the acts of protest condemning it. This fact should lead you to the conclusion that a certain segment of our collective community is not interested in solving the problem or even think there is one at all. In actuality, the situation should direct you to conclude that trying to convince those devoid of a moral compass is not only pointless but a distraction from solving the real problem. How do we stop the police from killing Black Men? should be the sole focus.


Paid administrative leaves and officers reciting the same script “I feared for my life” is not the answer.

An obvious solution would be the concept of respecting human life. But that idea has proven to be to hard to grasp and can’t be relied upon. So other solutions must be put into play to change the narrative. Punitive responses to heinous acts would be a good start. You see the reality is unpunished bad behavior fosters more of that same behavior. If there’s nothing to lose, there’s absolutely no reason to stop. We see this example in disciplining children, regulating Wall Street, and the hyper-policing of minorities.

The absence of punishment is an open invitation to continuously push the envelope. Paid administrative leaves and Officers reciting the same script “I feared for my life” is not the answer. How about losing their jobs and pensions? (since the most important thing in this country is money). Followed by losing the freedom and luxury of going home to their families? Just maybe the possibility of those outcomes will save the life of the next black motorist looking for assistance like Terence Crutcher was when he was shot to death for walking slowly with his hands up.

Terence Crutcher

There is no logic in paying for services not rendered.

Maybe not paying taxes is part of the solution. To protect and serve doesn’t necessarily apply to black men and there is no logic in paying for services not rendered. The bottom line is the all mighty dollar has a history of moving an agenda forward much quicker than the kindness of one’s heart. These tactics have to be explored further and applied accordingly before the situation is totally out of control.

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