Conveniently respected and disrespected
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We hear the words “Human Rights” thrown around very strategically and deliberately. It’s a term that immediately resonates with the psyche once it is heard and hurled towards any entity deemed against it.

Human Rights

Think about it, how many times have we heard calls for some forms of embargoes or sanctions against countries or persons for the following acts?

  • State sponsored terrorism
  • Human right abuses
  • Committing acts of violence that threaten the peace or stability of “insert country

Currently the United States government has embargoes against approximately 30 countries or territories for these violations. Specifically omnipresent in all of these actions are infractions against Human Rights.

Based on those facts it would appear that the U.S has a hard line against the infringements of Human Rights across the board. With that being said, what should happen to a country that commits the below egregious acts?

  • Administration of the law based on race
  • Human right abuses
  • Condone City/State sponsored violence against specific citizens by not charging for excessive force


Still thinking? Well ask yourself this….What exactly is the difference between the first three acts committed and last three that were mentioned?

For most rational thinking human beings the differences aren’t much at all. They are all grounds for a call to action. Human Rights are supposed to be rights inherent to all human beings regardless of race, religion or sex. It should be alarming that we as a nation are not practicing what we preach.

We may choose to turn a blind eye to this reality but the world is noticing and beginning to utilize it to defend their positions. More importantly are we comfortable with our country committing these acts in our names? especially against our own citizens? and what will we do to change it if we truly aren’t?

Now that I really have you thinking, ponder this thought. When has any of the below tactics been effective in bringing about legitimate change in an oppressive force’s policies?

  • Combat
  • Levying economic sanctions
  • Appealing to its moral compass

We easily have many examples to draw from that prove the effectiveness of two of the aforementioned tactics. Only limited time will tell if the third can achieve the same goal. The choice is collectively ours.

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