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Game of Thrones Recap S8-E4



Season 8, Episode 4 “The Last of the Starks”

We begin with the aftermath of the battle for Winterfell. We see the dead piled on funeral pyres including our favorites that we lost last week, Ser Jorah Mormont, Lyanna Mormont, Theon Greyjoy, Beric Dondarion, Dolorous Edd and Dothraki soldier number 1. Jon gives a great speech about honoring the memories of the dead and memorializing them for generations to come. He talks about the dead the way one would memorialize members of the Night’s Watch who had given their lives. Interesting because all of them ultimately wound up being de-facto members of the Night’s Watch because the Night’s Watch had fallen. It also may be a wink at where Jon will end up at the end of the series.

Inside, we see everyone having a celebratory feast. We spy on a few conversations. Bran tells Tyrion he has no desire to be Lord of Winterfell. He has no desire for anything. Davos laments not being able to kill the Red Woman and not knowing what the Lord of Light ultimately wants because he seems to come and go. Tormund is drunkenly lauding Jon Snow to the soldiers and survivors. The crowd loves Jon. He was the King in the North and gave up his crown to bring the Targaryen army north to defeat the Army of the Dead. His sacrifice, while panned at first, looks brilliant in the afterglow of a victory. They’ve seen him ride a dragon. Now the rumors of him returning from the dead are starting to make the rounds. Jon is like Jordan in Chicago. He’s got the adulation of the crowd. Dany feels insecure. She’s like her dragons, out of her element in the North and not as strong as she would be anywhere else. It’s interesting how fighting together has endeared Tormund to these Northmen. Tyrion, Jaime, Podrick and Brienne are playing the Westerosi version of “Never Have I Ever.” Tyrion guesses that Brienne is a virgin and she excuses herself from the game rather than respond. Tormund wanders over and starts to follow her out but Jaime cuts him off and follows her instead. Tormund goes and cries in the corner.

Gendry is looking for Arya at the feast when Daenerys stops him and questions him about his father, King Robert. He says he never knew who his father was until after he was dead. It seems like a confrontation but Daenerys uses the moment to legitimize Gendry naming him a Baratheon and bequeathing him Storm’s End, the Baratheon family castle. On the surface it’s a clever way to prevent him from pursuing a claim to the Iron Throne and reward him for creating the weapons that helped the united forces win the war. But underneath the move she just made Gendry the legitimate heir of the last undisputed king. Dany and Tyrion have a brief exchange where she tells him he’s not the only one who can be clever. Sansa spies them talking and this is more fuel for her not believing in Dany’s true nature. Some people are using this scene as a knock against Dany and proof of her going to the dark side. I see it as completely the opposite. Robert had all her siblings and relatives killed rather than have them on the chessboard as rivals. Dany is being magnanimous. Politically calculating yes, but not cruel or violent.

Sansa and the Hound have what amounts to a warm conversation when judging by conversations with The Hound standards. The language is rough but Sansa doesn’t blink. The Hound tells her “you’ve changed, little bird.” He laments that she should have left King’s Landing with him years ago because he could have protected her from Littlefinger and Ramsay and everything else. She’s clearly thankful and touches his hand as a thank you, but tells him she’d still be a little bird without going through those things. Sansa is Littlefinger now, only with a better family name and a smidge more honor. She’s very smart and the Starks need some of that after years of being idiots but I don’t enjoy seeing that cold expression on her face in every exchange.

Our new Lord Gendry runs outside to find Arya and he catches up with her firing arrows into a target. She almost shoots him with an arrow in her trademark flirting style. It’s funny because Gendry actually has already been hit with an arrow by Cupid. He tells her his good news and then drops down to a knee and proposes. Arya kisses him and tells him he’ll make a great lord but she declines his proposal telling him she’ll never be a lady. We hear her repeat her famous line. “That’s not me.” So, in addition to being perhaps the best assassin in the Seven Kingdoms Arya’s apparently got that snapper to write home about. Gendry was ready to get married after one night

Jaime and Brienne have an awkward build up to an awkward sex scene. Between them they’ve been with a combined total of one sexual partner and that partner was his sister. I’m not into this as a happy ending for either of them I’m just going to move on.

Dany goes to Jon’s room after the feast and they have a tender moment. Jon offers condolences for the loss of Ser Jorah. Dany says Jorah loved her in a way that she couldn’t love him back. Not the ways she loves Jon. They start to kiss but Jon stops, getting sucked back into his new reality that this woman is his aunt. This new dynamic has changed them. Jon believes they can all live together in harmony. He swears he will remain loyal to her no matter what the new reality is. Dany agrees but tells him there is only one way to ensure that: never tell anyone else of his true parentage and swear Bran and Sam to secrecy.  She knows that if this story gets out it will take on a life of its own and he will be pushed to take the crown by his supporters no matter how much he objects. Later in the episode when she’s meeting with her top advisors she says that she’ll take back the Iron Throne because it is her destiny, no matter the cost. In context it’s a line about attacking King’s Landing but it’s a window into her overall focus. This moment between Jon and Dany feels like their last tender moment. We get a close-up of their clasped hands as Jon tells her that no matter what he will remain loyal to her. But Jon also has a loyalty to his Stark family and he feels he must be honest with Sansa and Arya before he puts this story to rest. I don’t think we’ll see them kiss again in this series.

In a war counsel meeting we confirm what we know about last week’s battle and learn some new information; half of the Unsullied, most of the Dothraki, and half of the Northmen are gone. There are some Dothraki left, surprisingly. Where were they last week after the failed charge? No matter, the overwhelming numbers advantage that Daenerys came North with is gone. She still has an advantage but Cersei has also added the Golden Company to her forces so the numbers are much more even. Sansa tries to tell everyone to wait and give the soldiers time to heal from the last battle but Daenerys wants to press on and not give Cersei more time to build up her army. Jon says that the Northern army will fight for their queen as she commands. Tyrion lays out the plan that Jon and Davos will ride the Kingsroad south with some troops while others will sail to Dragonstone with the queen and her, uh two dragons.  

After the meeting, Arya and Sansa need to speak to Jon in the Godswood. They tell him they don’t trust his queen. Jon tells them they needed her and Arya surprises Sansa by agreeing with Jon about that. However, Arya counsels against trusting Daenerys now, though. She tells Jon they are the last of the Starks and they must all stick together and trust one another. Jon looks physically pained by the burden of the new information he has because they are his family and they don’t know the truth. He forces Arya and Sansa to swear that they will keep secret what he is about to tell them and then has Bran reveal his secret to his sisters… who are now his cousins.

Bronn pops up with crossbow in hand and finds the Lannister brothers as Tyrion is trying to pry details about sex with Brienne from Jaime. Bronn punches Tyrion in the nose for talking too much and threatens Jaime by firing a crossbow shot that intentionally just misses him. Bronn tells them that their sister wants them dead and has offered him Riverrun if he kills them. Tyrion long ago told him that he’d double the price if anyone ever offered to pay Bronn to kill him. What’s double Riverrun? Highgarden is the answer and it brightens Bronn’s expression. He mentioned wanting it last season right after they took it from Lady Olenna. Tyrion tries to talk Bronn into joining their forces but Bronn says he’s done fighting, but he’s not done killing and he just wants his prize. Bronn exits and tells the brothers to stay alive and he’ll see them after the war is over.

The Hound is leaving Winterfell on horseback and Arya runs into him on the road so they ride alongside each other. They’re both headed for King’s Landing, The Hound is after The Mountain and Arya wants Cersei. Neither intends to return to Winterfell. The Hound asks if Arya will leave him for dead again if he gets hurt again? She says “probably.” She’s lying. A girl has a friend.

We see Dany tending to the dragons. Rhaegal is beat up from the battle with the dead but he can still fly, if not as steadily as normal. Jon is not going to ride him because he is injured.

Tyrion and Sansa speak outside as the army begins to exit Winterfell and head south. Sansa expresses her distrust for Daenerys. Tyrion senses that there’s something more bothering her. She’s reading him as well and sees that Tyrion is afraid of Daenerys. “All good rulers inspire a bit of fear” he says. He doesn’t seem particularly enthused by his own speech or by his queen at the moment though and Sansa seizes the opportunity to tell him there may be someone else, someone better to rule the Seven Kingdoms. I disliked this moment immensely. Do I think Jon could rule effectively? Absolutely. But so can Dany. And she wants it. Jon has had to ask Sansa many times if she trusts him -because she has kneecapped him and publicly undermined him on many occasions. If she trusts him to be king then she should have trusted his decision to not pursue the throne. Sansa is being Littlefinger here and looking out for herself, not looking out for Jon.

Jon says goodbye to Tormund who says he’s taking the free folk back north of the wall now that it’s safe. Tormund tells Jon that Jon has the “real north” in him. Jon tells Tormund to take Ghost with him so that he can be free.  He doesn’t even bother petting him goodbye. The showrunners says it’s because it was a CGI ghost in the scene. I think it’s because this isn’t goodbye. When Jon says, “this is farewell then” Tormund tells him “you never know.” Next, Jon says goodbye to Sam and newly expectant Gilly. Gilly says, “if it’s a boy we want to name him Jon.” Jon says he hopes it’s a girl.

On a ship sailing south Tyrion and Varys spill all the tea. Varys thinks Jon has the stronger claim to the throne and has more support from the people and he is worried about Dany’s state of mind. Varys is a sucker for this. He should be supporting Daenerys and offering steady counsel instead of going behind her back as if she has lost her mind and can’t be communicated with. She just won the Battle for Winterfell against the dead and Varys is jumping ship at the first opportunity to find another leader because he sees her looking sullen at a party or he’s uncomfortable with her being stern in her meetings? I’m sorry, what?

In the skies above, Dany is flying with the two dragons and we see how close everyone is to arriving at Dragonstone and Rhaegal looks like he’s getting a little steadier when Rhaegal is suddenly hit with a scorpion bolt in his chest. We don’t see where it comes from but we see another bolt hit his injured wing and then a third through his neck dropping him from the sky into the sea. Rhaegal is dead. How do you get ambushed in the sky by people in the sea? Why the fuck wasn’t she looking around? She flies the way Rickon runs. You’re up in the sky use it as an advantage. We’re down to one dragon, folks. Dany sees a group of Euron’s ships who were hiding on the opposite side of Dragonstone. They fire on her again as she flies Drogon directly towards Euron’s ship in a rage. She gathers herself and evades the attack but her ships are being ripped apart by the bolts being fired by multiple ship-mounted scorpions. These things are being manufactured in bulk now? Grey Worm orders Missandei to get on a skiff so that she can be safe. We see the mast from one of the ships falling on to Tyrion who has jumped into the sea. He blacks out and so does the scene for a moment. When we see everyone again they have made it to the safety of the beach but Grey Worm is screaming for Missandei and we find out she has been captured by Euron’s forces.

At King’s Landing Cersei tells Euron she’s pregnant with his child. Outside of the Red Keep the soldiers are letting the citizens of King’s Landing inside the courtyard to forestall Dany attacking the city with Drogon and burning it down.

Daenerys meets with Varys, Grey Worm and Tyrion. Grey Worm wants to storm the city and kill all of Dany’s enemies. Dany is inclined to as well. Varys suggests they come up with another plan to spare the civilians of King’s Landing. He’s clearly fearful that she’s bloodthirsty. Tyrion suggest they offer Cersei her life in exchange for the throne. Dany believes that offer is foolish but she goes along with the plan, theorizing that that the people should know that Daenerys made every effort to avoid bloodshed.

Varys and Tyrion sit and chat in the Dragonstone throne room after this meeting and Varys laments spending most of his life serving tyrants who believed they were following destiny. Varys wants to get rid of Dany and install Jon Snow, having been told the secret that Sansa shared with Tyrion. “He’s got a better temperament.” According to Varys. Tyrion again suggests getting Jon Snow and Daenerys to marry so that “he could temper her worst impulses.” Varys shoots back “as you have?”

Note: Actually, yes. Tyrion has tempered Dany’s worst impulses and even more importantly she still heeds his advice even after seeing him fail repeatedly. She hasn’t killed him. She hasn’t even fired him. She followed his plan when she originally arrived at Dragonstone and she has continues to trust him, if understandably more cautiously. I don’t think Daenerys is given the same benefit of the doubt as men. Every tough decision is met with this “Mad Queen” fearfulness from everyone who wasn’t in her original circle. It’s as if she’s supposed to make every decision with tender care. Why isn’t she allowed to be ruthless and driven? Dany executes an unrepentant enemy after a battle and that makes her crazy? Rulers must be ruthless and cunning, especially in times of war. While I do think her focus on the throne is an obsession I think we’d admire that if it were say, Jaime. This “Mad Queen” sacrificed half her army and two dragons to save the North before going after the throne because it made sense. People with insane obsessions cannot be reasoned with. Even in this episode she relents and decides to go with the advice of her cabinet and parlay with Cersei while correctly surmising it would be pointless. Again, and again she makes sound, measured decisions but because you can see anger in her face when someone fails her or crosses her we’re supposed to just accept that she’s losing her mind. She’s human. She’s suffered huge losses. She’s entitled to get angry but I don’t think we’ve seen her out of control. Jon has made emotional, unrestrained moves and we all love him and still think of him as even-tempered. Now with the loss of Rhaegal and Missandei maybe we will see Daenerys cross over to the dark side but the idea that we already have seen that is overblown.

For all the apprehension we see from the Starks, Varys and Tyrion we never saw Missandei or Grey Worm or Jorah react as though they have seen any change in their queen. When Jorah last advises Dany before the battle with the dead he’s helping her navigate the politics of the North where they don’t trust her or know her, there was no hint of him telling her that she had changed. Just as importantly she accepted his advice and worked at building a better relationship with Sansa and kept Tyrion on the payroll. She lost thousands of Dothraki and Unsullied, Jorah, Missandei and two dragons that she believes are her children all in a very short time, all for a battle she didn’t initially intend to fight to protect people who still regard her with suspicion.

Back in the scene with Varys and Tyrion the camera doesn’t show them both at the same time but cuts from one to the other as each speaks. Perhaps this is to emphasize that they are on opposite sides of a discussion.

Camera on Tyrion: “what happens to her?”
On Varys whose face says, “I’m going to have her killed”
On Tyrion: “Please…”
Back to a surprised expression on Varys’ face.
Back to Tyrion, who finishes “…don’t.”
Back to Varys who looks surprised.

Tyrion isn’t trying to spare Dany’s life, he’s trying to save Varys from getting himself killed.

Back at Winterfell, Sansa and Brienne are talking in the courtyard when Jaime sees their serious expressions and approaches. They tell him Daenerys was ambushed by Euron with Rhaegal being killed and Missandei being captured. Sansa tells him she always wanted to be there when Cersei was executed but now she won’t have the chance.

Later that night, we see Jaime sitting at the foot of the bed while Brienne sleeps. Then you hear him exit their room and close the door. This wakes Brienne who goes outside in her damn housecoat to see Jaime saddling his horse. “Sorry ma, I gotta work in the morning.” She doesn’t ask any questions just cups his face and tells him he is a good man, better than his sister and he doesn’t have to die for her. She begs him to stay with her. He looks pained as he runs down the terrible things he has done; pushing Bran from the window, strangling his own cousin, being prepared to kill everyone at Riverrun all for Cersei. “Yes, Cersei is hateful but and so am I” Jaime says before riding off and leaving Brienne in tears in her damn housecoat. Jaime may be going to try and save Cersei or he may have realized that his sword would be more merciful than dragon fire. He doesn’t say he’s going to save her. It’s difficult to know what he has in mind. Jaime, Arya, The Hound, Daenerys and Grey Worm all want a piece of The Mountain and Cersei.

Finally, we get to the gates of King’s Landing where there will be one last attempt tom make peace with Cersei. The gates are shut and there are Golden Company archers atop the walls. The city gate opens and Qyburn comes out. Tyrion steps forward to meet him. They both encourage the other to give up. Tyrion believes he’s getting nowhere so he walks past Qyburn to approach the walls. The archers all take aim at him from atop the walls but Cersei commands them to stand down. This doesn’t make any sense at all. Let me get this straight: You hired an assassin to kill him with a crossbow but as he walks up to you and you can literally have him shot full of arrows you decide to let him talk to you… about something that you’re going to ignore anyway? Okay.

Tyrion makes one last plea to Cersei to surrender. He says he knows she doesn’t care about the people of King’s Landing but she can save her own life and the life of her baby. Curiously, we don’t see Euron’s reaction to Tyrion knowing about the baby that he thinks he just made. Cersei’s eyes well up as she hears Tyrion’s pleas but she ultimately doesn’t even offer him a word in response. She walks up to Missandei who is at the edge of the wall and asks her if she has any last words. Missandei looks out to the Unsullied force that accompanies Dany and sees Dany and Grey Worm. She locks eyes with them both for the last time and loudly says “Dracarys!” Cersei signals the Mountain who unsheathes his sword and chops off Missandei’s head. Her body falls to the ground outside the walls. Grey Worm turns away and looks like he can barely stand. Tyrion’s face says, “I can’t stop what is about to come” as he looks back at Dany. Dany’s face flashes a rainbow of emotions, first disbelief, then hurt, then absolute rage as she turns and walks away. We may have just unleashed the Mad Queen the show seems to be priming us for but at this point hasn’t Cersei earned the fury that she’s probably unleashed?


We don’t get a lot of detail from the coming attractions for next week’s episode. We don’t see Drogon but we do hear him roaring in the sky and see a startled expression on Euron Greyjoy’s face. Maybe they put some Iron Man armor on him next week so that he’s not susceptible to the scorpion bolts or maybe he’s going to fly up high and then dive straight down like we saw them do at Winterfell. The Scorpions may not be able to defend against that.  






It’s a Friday night and i’m finishing up some work waiting for a friend. So I click over to the Angels Seattle game and the first thing  I see is the entire Angels team adorning the number 45, the number worn by their fallen teammate Tyler Skaggs who died of unknown circumstances. However there was something else that I came to realize while watching. Mike Trout really is one of the best baseball players i’ve ever seen!

The man delivers something productive practically every time I see him play. Whether i’m watching at the stadium, in an airport or at home. He’ll surely be diving in centerfield to rob a hit, stealing a base to get in scoring position or driving himself in with a 400 foot home run. His impact is beyond REAL!

If you haven’t seen him play, I suggest you catch it while you can. This level of excellence doesn’t come too often and you wouldn’t want to regret missing it. Let’s put it this way, Mike Trout signed a 12 year contract for…wait for it….$426.5 Million dollars plus a 20 million dollar bonus. And guess what? He’s not overpaid! The dude is really that good.

Mike Trout really is one of the best baseball players i’ve ever seen!

If you don’t believe me, just peep the stats. Coming into his 9th year in the league, the former rookie of the year, 2 time MVP (finished second 4 times) and 8 time all-star has been averaging 38 home runs, 101 rbi’s and a batting average of .306 per season. This is a Lebron in a lifetime type of talent with a lot more in the tank to go.

It may come as a surprise to the casual sports fan since Mike isn’t in every other commercial like most superstar athletes. But to baseball aficionados out there, this isn’t really a revelation at all. They’re just praying the Angels get some more talent around him to showcase those skills to the world or just trade him to the Yankees. I’m pretty sure New York can find a way to make some room for him.

HB aka The World Traveler is fully committed to exploring and sharing with you what the world has to offer in travel and music. Get on board and enjoy the ride!

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When They See Us could have easily been called When They Hate Us. The reenactment of the level of vitriol and disdain towards the lives of these children of color served as a harsh reminder of the reality we still reside in. This series is grueling, alarming and absolutely necessary for every truth seeker to watch. The ability to share our stories and provide our perspectives is a powerful tool that hasn’t always been readily available to us. But times have changed and Ava DuVernay masterfully utilizes her platform to highlight the humanity behind these victims turned heroes.

The performance of the entire cast will garner a considerable amount of attention during award season. From the dynamics of Antron McCray’s (Caleel Harris/Jovan Adepo) relationship with his father (Michael Kenneth Willams) to the strength of faith illustrated by Yusuf Salaam (Ethan Herisse/Chris Chalk) and his mother (Aunjanue Ellis), the brilliance of acting is in heavy abundance. In particular Jharrel Jerome’s heart wrenching transformation into Korey Wise has audiences around the globe streaming much more than video.

Growing up as a 14 year old child in New York City during 1989, it was nearly impossible not to be affected by the pageantry of this case. Meeting up with groups of friends, parental concerns and police interactions were brought to the forefront in daily life. This could have happened to anyone including myself. The thought of being presumed innocent before proven guilty was never a concept my peers and I ever thought applied to us. The only goal was survival and to accomplish it as best as you can.

Unfortunately these kids were caught in the malicious plan of destroying black lives before they had the chance to begin. The true animals at large dealt them a fixed hand and discarded them with the expectation of never to be heard from again.

However they stayed true to themselves with the ideology of survival and persevered to expose the evil that men do. Thank you exonerated 5!


HB aka The World Traveler is fully committed to exploring and sharing with you what the world has to offer in travel and music. Get on board and enjoy the ride!

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Game of Thrones Recap S8-E6



Season 8, Episode 6 “The Iron Throne”

It’s been a long twisting road to get here but here we are. Most of us would have liked to see a slower pace the last two seasons as the series wrapped things up. The speed at which characters moved around the map mirrored the pace at which storylines were tied up. In early seasons it took weeks to get anywhere and on those trips we got to know everyone and became invested in their stories. Think Arya and The Hound going North or Robb Stark going south or Daenerys going from east to west. With everything now having wrapped up we see that the best part of the ride was the trip itself. The last season will leave a lot of people wanting, but as far as the final episode goes I thought it was well done.

We start from the perspective of Tyrion walking through the ash and rubble of King’s Landing. He passes charred corpses everywhere, and a badly burned man aimlessly walking down the street. You’re left to wonder the man’s story and think about how far Daenerys has gone. Over Tyrion’s shoulder we see Jon and Davos. The three men stop and Tyrion says he needs to speak to Daenerys. He goes forward alone. Jon and Davos encounter Grey Worm and a group of Unsullied getting ready to execute Lannister soldiers. Jon and Davos try to stop him but Grey Worm is undeterred. His orders from Queen Daenerys were that all who follow Cersei Lannister must die. There’s a confrontation between Jon’s Northern soldiers and Grey Worm’s Unsullied but Davos staves off any violence between the two groups by telling Jon they must find the queen. They leave Grey Worm to his work and he begins executing the Lannister soldiers.

Tyrion has gone ahead to the Red Keep, alone. He finds a torch to light and finds his way down to the bowels of the half-destroyed castle. He sees the rubble blocking the pathways beneath the Keep and already senses that his plan for Jaime and Cersei to escape did not work. He presses ahead and spots Jaime’s gold hand under a pile of bricks. As he inspects the pile he finds Jaime and Cersei’s lifeless bodies. Tyrion breaks down weeping for his family and slams a brick against the pile in frustration.

On ground level we see the Dothraki and Unsullied waiting as Drogon arrives with Dany on his back. She somehow has had time to change her clothes into a sleek all black outfit and get her hair done even though this seems like the immediate aftermath of last week’s episode. Drogon lands inside the Red Keep with Dany and all of the soldiers are outside in the courtyard. Notable that Northmen aren’t among the soldiers but we do see Jon making his way to the Red Keep and Arya lurking in the crowd.

When Dany lands there’s an incredible shot of her walking out of the castle while Drogon takes off behind her. As he spread his wings in the background you see her body walking towards us  in the foreground and it looks they could be her wings. She is the dragon now she’s no longer our tender hearted khaleesi.

From atop an elevated platform in the courtyard Dany addresses the Dothraki and Unsullied soldiers and thanks them for following her across the sea and giving her the Seven Kingdoms. She singles out Grey Worm to make him her new Master of War, Commander of all of her forces. Dany fires up her forces with a rousing speech. She entreaties them to keep fighting for her to liberate to the whole continent. “From Winterfell to Dorne, from Lannister to Qarth from the Summer Isles to the Jade Sea.” It feels like we’re getting a rundown on where Varys sent all of his letters last week telling of Jon’s true parentage. Dany’s message while directed at the armies is really a note to Tyrion that any lord or lady who opposes Dany will be prosecuted and we’ve just seen how she deals with any and everyone who she believes supports another ruler.

Tyrion and Jon are behind Dany as she exhorts the soldiers on. Tyrion steps forward at the end of her speech. She turns to him and says, “you freed your brother. You committed treason.” Tyrion admits it but rebuts with, “you slaughtered a city.” The real traitor is Dany is what he’s indicating. She betrayed their cause. He takes off his Hand of the Queen pin and tosses it down the steps. The Unsullied who have been banging their spears on the ground saluting Their queen stop when they see Tyrion’s action. It’s so quiet you can hear the pin drop.

Dany commands her guards to seize Tyrion. They escort him away and she follows them back into the castle. Tyrion and Jon lock eyes as he is led away. Dany and Jon lock eyes as well as if she’s expecting his betrayal as well. Jon says nothing. He watches silently as they walk off. Arya, ninja style, appears by Jon’s side as this happens. She startled him and he’s startled more by how she looks. She’s obviously been in the city the whole time. What is she doing in King’s Landing? Arya tells Jon she came to kill Cersei but Dany got to her first. Jon tells Arya to wait outside the city gates. He fears for her safety and she fears for his. Arya warns Jon again that Dany is a killer who won’t allow Jon to live because she knows who he really is.

Jon goes to see Tyrion where he is being held prisoner. It’s the type of scene we have missed the last two seasons, two characters having a long, meaningful conversation where the words have room to breathe. Tyrion laments betraying Varys but know what he will be joining him soon. He asks Jon about life after death since Jon has some experience. Jon tells him he doesn’t think there’s anything after you die. Tyrion talks about all of his sins that would keep him out of paradise, treason amongst them and thinks oblivion was his best hope anyway. Jon objects to that but Tyrion will have none of it. It was treason and he’d do it again. Tyrion says he chose his fate but the people of kings Landing did not. Jon cannot defend what Dany has done but says it was in the heat of battle and now it’s over. Tyrion says it’s not pointing out that the enemy had surrendered and pointing out that Dany did not sound like she is done liberating the Seven Kingdoms. Jon is defensive of his queen as he fights within himself to stay loyal to Dany. Dany saw her friend beheaded, he reasons. She saw her dragon fall from the sky, he explains. He tells Tyrion that it’s easy to judge when you’re not on the battlefield. Tyrion asks Jon if he would have done it? Jon has ridden a dragon. He’s had the power to scorch enemies. Would he have destroyed the city after the fight was over? Jon says he doesn’t know. Jon does know he just won’t answer because he doesn’t want to betray Daenerys and Tyrion knows it. Tyrion tells Jon that Dany’s single mindedness will make her go further down this path because she believes it is her destiny and as she piles up more victories and more bodies there will be no stopping her. Tyrion says that it was vanity to think he could guide her as her Hand. Her nature is fire and blood, after all. Jon spits back at him “do you think our house words are stamped on our bodies when we’re born and that’s who we are? I’d be fire and blood too. She’s not her father no more than you’re Tywin Lannister.”

This conversation is more powerful when viewed through the lens that Tyrion may be a Targaryen. Tyrion responds “my father was an evil man. My sister was an evil woman.” He is ostensibly talking about Tywin and Cersei but  he could just as well be talking about the Mad King and Daenerys. This theory was never confirmed on the show but it seemed like a wink to the audience from the writers.

Tyrion tells Jon, “I know you love her and I love her too. Not as successfully as you but I believed in her with all my heart. Love is more powerful than reason. Look at my brother.”

“Love is the death of duty” Jon responds. He’s echoing Maester Aemon’s words to him when Jon wanted to ride south and fight alongside his brother Robb to avenge Ned Stark’s death. That scene was powerful on its own but later we realize the man offering the advice was actually Jon’s uncle unbeknownst to either of them. Jon repeating the words of a good Targaryen man who refused the throne is powerful when presented against the backdrop of the choice he must make. In itself, it supports Jon’s statement about choice. Maester Aemon was a kind soul even though he was a Targaryen. His life wasn’t fire and blood even though that was his house’s words.

Tyrion responds, “sometimes duty is the death of love.” The two statements bookend Jon’s character arc. With Aemon’s words he threw  himself into being a member of The Night’s Watch and accepted his responsibility at the time. Now wise counsel from a different (possibly) Targaryen uncle is shaping Jon’s destiny again. In a show that loves symmetry from different seasons this doesn’t feel coincidental. No, the show never confirmed that Tyrion was half Targaryen but it gave us a lot of evidence to support the theory from Tyrion’s rapport with the dragons to his mother dying giving birth to Tywin flat out telling him, “you’re no son of mine.” The writers are teasing us here and this is the kind of moment that we missed the last two seasons. You can enjoy it on a surface level as moving conversation between two compelling characters or you can dive down the rabbit hole like it made me do. Ultimately, what made the show so interesting is the layers of relationships between characters and the questions about destiny versus choice.

Jon gets up to leave Tyrion. The conversation has moved him but not enough to betray Dany.  She may be wrong she is the queen and she has the right to be wrong and Jon must be true to his word. As Jon gets to the door Tyrion asks, “but what about your sisters? Do you think they will bend the knee?” Tyrion asks, “why do you think Sansa told me in the first place? She doesn’t want Dany to be queen.” Jon says, “they don’t get to choose.“ Tyrion says, “no, but you do. And you have to choose now,” as a guard comes and lets Jon out.

At the Red Keep we see a scene that looks like Dany’s vision from the House of the Undying. She approaches the Iron Throne with snow falling all around her because the roof and walls of the throne room have been destroyed. In her vision she approached the throne but never touched it. This time she lightly grabs one of the arms of the throne and holds it for moment. Outside, Jon is approaching the Red Keep and a large figure stirs in front of him. Drogon has been covered by falling snow as he naps in front of the Red Keep. He raises up and takes measure of Jon by means of a taking a deep whiff of that Targaryen musk. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time. Drogon lets him pass.

As Jon enters the ventilated throne room she starts to tell him about what she imagined the Iron Throne looked like as a girl who couldn’t yet count to 20. When she imagined a throne made of a thousand swords it was so large in her mind’s eye that you could only see the soles of the king’s feet as he sat on it. Jon interrupts her and berates her with what he has seen in the streets: prisoners executed in the street and little children burned. Dany says she tried to make peace with Cersei who tried  to use the innocence of civilians as a weapon against her. He shakes his head. Jon asks about Tyrion. Dany says Tyrion betrayed her. Jon asks her to forgive him. She says she cannot. Jon says they need a world of mercy. Dany says she will be merciful to the next generation but not to the people in this world who are loyal to the past. She says the new world will be good. Jon asks how does she know? She says that she knows what’s good and Jon does too because it is their destiny. Jon says he doesn’t. In this moment, especially, he isn’t sure what is right. He knows everyone needs to heed counsel sometimes though. Jon asks “what about everyone else who think they know what is good? Dany answers, “they don’t get to choose.” It’s the same line he just said to Tyrion back to haunt him. Where Jon used to to justify what a leader has earned by making sound choices Dany uses it to justify destiny. Jon knows in this world you get what you have earned, not what you think you deserve. Another uncle, Benjen told him that.

Dany exhorts Jon to build the new world with her. “This has been our reason since you were a little boy with a bastard’s name and I was a little girl who couldn’t count to 20. We do it together. We break the wheel together.” She goes in closer and they embrace.

Jon kisses her deeply and tells her. “You are my queen, now and always” his words signifying that doesn’t want to rule but he cannot let her do it either, not when she is making terrible choices. He stabs her in the heart with a knife. He catches her body as she falls dying. Jon cries as he holds her lifeless body in front of the iron throne. We hear Drogon roar but do not see him yet as he stirs outside of the Red Keep.

As Jon holds Dany’s lifeless body Drogon flies past in the background of the destroyed throne room.

Jon is crying and putting her body down as Drogon circles back and lands in the throne room. Jon steps away from her as Drogon, huge and terrifying, gets closer to see what has taken place. He sniffs her body, knife still in her chest and then nudges her with his snout. Her limp body doesn’t react. Drogon raises up and roars fiercely, mourning his mother’s death. He locks eye on Jon Snow and you see the fire build within his throat. Drogon then he lets fly a flame but not at Jon. He destroys the Iron Throne melting it down to nothing. Jon looks amazed, at not being incinerated by the dragon and also at what Drogon has done.

They talked about breaking the wheel and what Drogon has done was symbolic of that. The Iron Throne is no more. When you call back the earlier scene when Dany and Drogon appear to be one entity this furthers that. She did destroy the mechanisms controlling the old hands of power but her madness made her become what she hated. Jon killing her dismantles the wheel for the future. All of a Cersei’s forces are gone. Jon will not take the throne.  “We break the wheel together” were among Dany’s last words.

Drogon reacting to her death without seeing or hearing her die shows there was a spiritual connection between the queen and her dragon. Did death free her from the madness that took her down the wrong path? In her vision at the House of the Undying the next thing she saw after the Iron Throne was Khal Drogo and her dead son. Perhaps being reunited with her lost loves put her at peace and her spiritual connection to her dragon led to Drogon destroying the iron throne. Jon should be toast right there but instead Drogon completed Dany’s work, the work she told us she wanted to do for most of the series.

Drogon gently picks her body up in his claw and flies off with her body. He’s last seen flying east.

We flash forward a few weeks and this is where the episode got goofy. Tyrion is still a prisoner and we see him escorted from his cell to a meeting in the dragon pits with all of the high lords of Westeros. Sansa is there along with Arya, Bran, Gendry, Robin Arryn, Yara Greyjoy, the new prince of Dorne, Edmure Tully, Samwell Tarly, Lord Hugh of the Vale, Ser Brienne, Ser Davos and a few other people.

Jon Snow is being held prisoner by the Unsullied after killing the new queen and there are 20,000 northmen outside of King’s Landing ready to take Jon back. Everyone is there to discuss making peace. Tyrion somehow leads a conversation about how to choose a new king or queen even though he’s:

    • been locked up for weeks and shouldn’t know many details about any of this as it is happening.
    • not Lord of anything at the moment because he was wanted by one queen the renounced his only title to the next one and there’s currently nobody to pardon him.
    • Grey Worm told him to shut up because his words have led to entirely too many terrible choices. Great point, Grey Worm.

Tyrion says that nothing is more powerful than a good story in uniting power, not gold, not flags. He nominates “Bran the Broken” who has as interesting a story as anyone and definitely has the wisdom to do the job. The nickname sounds harsh when it’s first said but Tyrion said in a conversation with Jon Snow early in series, “never forget what you are. Others will not let you forget so wear it as armor and it will never hurt you.” Bran hasn’t responded yet but Sansa says Bran has no desire to rule and can’t father children. Tyrion says that is a good thing because sons of kings are often tyrants. From now on the high lords and ladies will meet at this spot to choose a new ruler, it will no longer be about succession but rulers will be chosen based on merit. It’s another choice versus destiny moment.

The lords and ladies vote “aye” on the nomination of King Bran the Broken. When it comes to Sansa she abstains from voting saying that the North has suffered too much to be a part of this mess anymore. She declares the North to be an independent kingdom. Brandon agrees. Nobody voices any disagreement. Not sure why Yara doesn’t bring up independence for The Iron Islands since she insisted on it with Daenerys but she votes “aye.” The North is now a free country and Bran is now officially Bran the Broken, first of his name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of The Six Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. As his first act Bran names Tyrion his Hand. Tyrion doesn’t want it. He points out that he has made many awful mistakes. Grey Worm says no but Bran says he is king so the answer is yes. Grey Worm says that this isn’t justice. Bran says that Tyrion has made many mistakes and he will spend the rest of his life fixing them. Grey Worm says that this is not enough. It seems like he’s still talking about Tyrion but instead we flash over to Jon in his cell.

Bran has negotiated that Jon will go to The Wall and join the Night’s Watch. Tyrion tells Jon he will hold no castles, father no children… the whole nine. It is a solution that ends the standoff. The lords are unhappy with this solution and so is Grey Worm so it must be a good compromise.

Jon is freed and as he departs King’s Landing Grey Worm and the Unsullied are departing for Naath, Missandei’s home island.

Bran, Sansa and Arya meet Jon at the docks before he ships off. Sansa asks Jon’s forgiveness for not being able to stop him from being sent to The Wall. Jon notes that she freed the North. Jon loves the North more than his own freedom. Arya and Jon say goodbye as she says she isn’t going North again. She will sail west to discover what is west of Westeros. Jon kneels before King Bran and apologizes for not being there for him (presumably when The Night King was about to kill him but) Bran assures him that he was where he was supposed to be. This lends credence to the idea that Jon really did draw away the dragon’s attention so that Arya could sprint over and shiv the Night King. That’s as close to resolution as we’ll get on that question, I guess.

Inside King’s Landing, Lady Brienne writes some more of Jaime Lannister’s history in the Book of Cool Knight Stuff, ensuring that he won’t be remembered for only being the Kingslayer. She doesn’t mention him being taker of V cards.

At the first Small Council meeting we see Lord Hand Tyrion, Master of Ships Davos, Master of Coin Ser Bronn of the Blackwater (Bronn!) and Grand Maester Samwell Tarly. Sam presents Tyrion with a Song of Ice and Fire which is the archmaester’s history is the wars following the death of King Robert. Tyrion is surprised to know that he has been left unmentioned. Curious, because in the book about knights  that Brienne is updating it says that “Tyrion Lannister killed King Joffrey Baratheon” so you’d think Tyrion would be mentioned in a thorough history book in some way.

King Bran enters escorted by the new head of  of his Kingsguard Ser Brienne. We learn that Bronn has become Lord of Highgarden, Davos has been granted a lordship and Podrick has been knighted.

We see Arya sailing west on a ship with a Stark sail with, Needle and the Cats Paw dagger on her waist. We see Sansa crowned and hailed as Queen in The North at Winterfell by enthusiastic bannermen.

Lastly, we see Jon enter Castle Black. Tormund is there waiting for him. Jon greets Ghost and this time gives him a proper nuzzling. Together they escort the Free Folk north of the wall where we now know that it is safe. Jon looks back as the gates close at Castle Black. There’s a realization that comes over his face as he sees everyone through the gate.  I wonder if this is what it was:

He is home and he’s still a king even if he doesn’t have a crown. Bran rules all of Westeros, Sansa rules the North and Jon is ostensibly the King beyond the wall. Who would deny Jon if he wanted to go south? It’s bittersweet on the surface but he’s somewhere that made him happy and the most powerful people in the country are in his debt and his enemies have gone back to Essos. There’s a look on his face as the gates close behind him. I hope that it was a look of peace.

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