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Beck Colors Inside the Lines




Produced by Beck and Greg Kurstin

Just as Beck was riding quietly into the horizon, 2014’s Morning Phase won the Grammy for album of the year, much to Kanye West’s chagrin. Mr. West can only hope for the same relevance 30 years into his own career.

Save for one track, Beck’s follow up Colors, is a complete 180 from that last record. Instead of (once again) mining his masterpiece Sea Change for tone, Beck does what he does best; something brand new. Colors is Beck in pure pop dance mode. While he’s played with contemporary beats and sounds throughout his career, he’s never produced something so radio friendly. Not even 1999’s irreverent Midnite Vultures.

Beck going pop is good or bad depending on what kind of fan you are. Some people still haven’t forgiven Dylan for going electric. But Beck has littered his catalog with such varied sounds that anything this side of Opera could hardly be a surprise. Although I can imagine a track like Up All Night sounding a little too Pharrell for some. Me? I say shut up and dance.

While I’m tempted to compare these tracks to the best of Beck’s catalog, I wonder if that’s missing the point. In truth, Square One could be a cool Earth Wind and Fire joint, and a song like No Distraction could put Sting back on the map. Spoon would be proud to have I’m So Free in their repertoire. Even a song like Wow (an early single released last year) sounds like something Kanye might conjure up, if he ever returned Beck’s phone-calls.

If I had any complaints, it would be that there’s not enough air on the record. Kinda like when you’re listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and wish Anthony would shut up thirty seconds to let the band shine through. There’s so much interesting musicality on this album that gets buried behind vocals, which is why that flute break in the title track is such a relief.

Who knows what’s next for Beck? I sure don’t. And that’s a good thing.

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Recording as Electronic Device, Brooklyn artist and writer Eric Curran releases his debut record "Two Dull Boys" in 2021.

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Self-Serving Interview with Electronic Device Does Little to Advance Musician’s Career



Two men that look suspiciously alike meet outside a fictitious Brooklyn hot-spot – six feet apart.

MC Krispy E: Very nice to meet you. (squints) Have we met before?

Electronic Device: Maybe?

MC Krispy E: Is the rest of the band joining us?

Electronic Device: (pause) I am the rest of the band.

MC Krispy E: You are Electronic Device? What’s that about?

Electronic Device: Uhm, yeah, it’s like a pen name. You know what that is, right?

MC Krispy E: I have some idea.

Electronic Device: It was actually the name of one of my dad’s companies back in the day before…

MC Krispy E: (looking at his watch) Wonderful. So… it says here you have a new single called “All Things Come to an End” inspired by the death of your brother.

Electronic Device: Yeah, after my brother died I recorded songs as a form of therapy in his old bedroom in Staten Island.

MC Krispy E: And now I read that you have cancer. Am I supposed to feel extra sorry for you?

Electronic Device: Uhm…

MC Krispy E: It sounds like this album is going to be super depressing.

Electronic Device: It’s not, I swear. I was looking for some happiness while recording these songs, there’s not much of an agenda beyond that.

MC Krispy E: What kind of music is it?

Electronic Device: I wasn’t really thinking about influences while recording, but listening back I hear some Concrete Blonde, some Cracker.

MC Krispy: So bands no one is interested in?

Electronic Device: What the hell, man?

MC Krispy: Sorry, it’s almost like I can’t help it.  What’s the single about?

Electronic Device: I hate saying what a song is about because everything is up for interpretation.

MC Krispy E: Humor us.

Electronic Device: I can say that “All Things Come to an End” has multiple narrators, some of which are unreliable.

MC Krispy E: (stares)

Electronic Device: And that one day I was at my Dad’s house and when I turned the corner into the hallway my Dad thought I was my brother for a moment, which was super sad because of course I couldn’t be.

MC Krispy E: And then you wrote a whole song about that.

Electronic Device: I guess so. When you put it that way…

MC Krispy E: (yawning) Tell us when the single come out.

Electronic Device: The single is out now. The album comes out in 2021.

MC Krispy E: Well, good for you. And good luck with that cancer thing.

Electronic Device: Yeah, you too.

MC Krispy E: Thanks. What?

Recording as Electronic Device, Brooklyn artist and writer Eric Curran releases his debut record "Two Dull Boys" in 2021.

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Elvis Costello Hey Clockface



Hey Clockface is the 31st studio album by singer-songwriter Elvis Costello. Costello recorded the record in Helsinki, Paris and New York, often allowing musicians to improvise around his vocal.

A sonic departure from his last album, the Grammy-winning Look Now, Clockface does shuffle in some Tin-Pan Alley style tracks, but also includes more  experimental moments like “No Flag” and the spoken word “Revolution #49.

With no tour on the horizon, Costello is back to work on more material and recently released a special vinyl edition of his classic 1979 album Armed Forces.

“I’ve got no religion. I’ve got no philosophy. I’ve got a head full of ideas and words that don’t seem to belong to me. – No Flag”

Recording as Electronic Device, Brooklyn artist and writer Eric Curran releases his debut record "Two Dull Boys" in 2021.

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McCartney III is Coming Up!



McCartney III is the 18th solo album by ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, scheduled to be released on December 18th 2020 by Capitol Records. Like the first two self-named McCartney solo records in 1970 and 1980, McCartney III features Paul on all instruments.

McCartney III promises to be a return to form for Paul, who wrote, produced, and recorded the record in quarantine.

Recording as Electronic Device, Brooklyn artist and writer Eric Curran releases his debut record "Two Dull Boys" in 2021.

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