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Are You Ready For Julius?



I recently had the pleasure of chopping it up with a very talented artist from the continuously growing genre of Soca. His name is Julius and his sound is coming to a fete near you!

For those who aren’t familiar with Soca music, how would you describe it to someone who’s never heard it?
Soca is a fusion of African and East Indian instruments coming together to create this unique melody and sound. Soca music is infectious, sexy, happy, feel good music; you can be in a real messed up mood but if you put on Soca music your world is just transformed and you’re taken to a happier place. Soca is good for your peace of mind.

The song Good Oh tends to bring back good memories of specific wines in my past, is that what inspired you to write this song?
My writing partner Fojo and I went for an afro-beats vibe with an energetic old school flavor. Strong lyrical content not on your customary topic, we were capitalizing on the idea of the reaction a woman can illicit from an admirer, but not merely based on her looks but an all encompassing meaning of wellness, a woman who knows how to take care of herself, her mind, her body and her future…she’s just “Good Oh!” So when you listen “Good Oh” there’s no doubt it will bring out that specific wine that you’ve connected to a “Good Oh” memory.

With your experience on the stage and in the studio, where do you feel more at home and why?
Good question. Both equally feel at home to me. Onstage I love the energy, I love entertaining a crowd, the adrenaline rush, the sexiness in presenting my craft to an awaiting audience. Then you go to the studio where the adrenaline is about creating that masterpiece, the challenges, the meeting of minds, the agreements and disagreements all for one goal which is to create a strong and banging product. So to me I love both experiences, I’m at home anytime I’m showcasing my talents regardless of venue.

Have you ever thought of recreating one of the earliest and most influential songs (that still resonates today) that you were a part of, The Future Belongs To Me?
“The Future Belongs To Me” was a project, well a very huge project I was thrown into as a kid. So to recreate it would be awesome, I’ve actually considered it from time to time. But you know one of those creations where you can’t surpass the original? Well to me that song is one of those, but this generation definitely needs a reminder of a message like that, undoubtedly.

With Carnival season in full swing, where can we look forward to seeing you perform?
Well, I know this question is a bit past its timeframe, but with regards to all performances…presently my team is working on future engagements and everyone can keep posted to my social media pages for all announcements and expected appearances.

What has the reaction been from everyone, particularly the ladies, to Hold Me?
The reaction I got from fans after “Hold Me” were motivational and encouraging, some said it’s different, some think it’s very melodious. The ladies say it’s a message they would want to hear from a guy. Everyone has an opinion and I value all feedback, but overall it’s been a real positive reaction from everyone.

Do you really have no time for No New friends? The song is infectious enough to create new friends. How will you handle that as this song takes off? 
No New Friends” is a topic we all can relate to, it’s not about making any new friends per se, but it’s about those instances when you meet someone and you’re like “I feel I’ve known you for a long time” and then there are those people who you meet and it’s like “I don’t like their vibe for some reason, as we Trinis say meh blood doh take them” so this song is about those people who are on that same mission as you are and that is to win. Because when one of us wins we all win, team, day ones to the end.

As you can see Julius is an artist to look and listen out for. Click on the pic below to hear one of his newer tunes that will surely get you hooked! Good Morning Trinidad

HB aka The World Traveler is fully committed to exploring and sharing with you what the world has to offer in travel and music. Get on board and enjoy the ride!

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Music continues to make this unprecedented global quarantine an unexpected treat. On Easter Eve two of the grittiest producers of our generation treated us to a trip down memory lane. DJ Premier and The RZA served up a slew of timeless joints blow for blow. Every cut invoked memories of a time when the critics and fans were universally aligned in appreciating creativity.

Over 150 thousand people zoned in and listened to these legends drop over 40 tracks of pure excellence! The tracks featured the likes of The Wu-Tang Clan, Gang Starr , Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, Kanye West, Jeru the damaja, M.O.P, Big L, Mary J Blige, Christina Aguilera and many more. It was a Masters class in Hip Hop phonics and the genre’s students around the globe were all tuned in to hear it!

For the unfortunate ones that managed to miss this moment of history, here’s a visual representation of some of the subject matter presented!

Mass Appeal – Gang Starr (The ultimate drive through other people’s neighborhood joint)

Liquid Swords – GZA (This made a lot of MC’s re-evaluate their penmanship)

MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know – KRS-One (DJ’s go to record to make sure their speakers were up to the task)

Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck (If getting jumped was a record)

Nas Is Like – Nas (The record that made everyone rewind the first line like wtf did he say?!)

Brooklyn Zoo – Ol Dirty Bastard (The Brooklyn invitation to let everyone know you there)

Yes you definitely played yourself if you decided to cut instagram class tonight! The aforementioned treats were only a couple of lessons shared during this session of night school.

Shout out to the Principals (Swizz Beatz & Timberland) of battles in enhancing our quarantine curriculum by inviting these Professors of Hip Hop. Not only did they raise the bar in competition and quality but they surely injured some necks after the evening’s engaging lecture!

This class originally began with a syllabus calling for one A at the end of the semester. But the students rightfully revolted by keeping it Hip Hop and changing the rules to award the whole subject matter an A+. So on behalf of everyone with an ounce of flavor in their blood, THANK YOU PREMIER & RZA! We appreciate you!



HB aka The World Traveler is fully committed to exploring and sharing with you what the world has to offer in travel and music. Get on board and enjoy the ride!

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Janita in Love



ECR Music Group recording artist Janita releases her new single “I Do” today, apropos of Valentine’s Day, and you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

The follow-up to “Bliss I Once Had This,” “I Do” is the second single off her new album, Here Be Dragons, dropping May 1st. It’s an honest-to-goodness anthem of love, saying more with less, and building to a gorgeous frenzy upon that killer rhythm section of Justin Goldner on bass and the incomparable Miles East on drums. Damn, that bass, tho.

Is there anything you can say to someone that’s more affectionate than I see you, I got you? Isn’t that the kind of love we all dream of? In that way the song is as much about the subject as the singer, adding to its depth and beauty.

“I have a restless soul, an innate curiosity which pushes me to learn, and to change. Uncharted territory is terribly exciting for me. I often feel like I’m on the edge of something new, even with those I’ve loved for years and years. ’I Do’ is about the renewal of one’s love for someone––love being the most thrilling of all uncharted territories––and a renewal of one’s commitment to exploring all the corners of the map of that relationship.”


Both Janita and producer Blake Morgan are the rare breed of artist that continue to grow in leaps and bounds with each new record, when you wouldn’t expect things could get any better. Janita says more in a two word chorus than many musicians do in a whole song. And Blake’s production has only gotten smoother, smarter, and more focused with every release. “I Do” is another shining example of the continued thoughtful collaboration between the two.

Do you believe two artists can find the perfect partner in each other? I do.

Catch Janita’s album release on April 30th at New York’s legendary Rockwood Music Hall.

Using a host of pen names, Eric Curran has been blogging in one form or another for well over 10 years. He's a partner at One Track Mine, and also runs the blog Jealous Foodies.

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Eric’s Top 10 Records of 2019




As usual, this is a “best of” from records I actually purchased this year. If I didn’t buy it, it’s not on the list. Now get off my lawn.


Anak Ko – Jay Som

My favorite album of the year, easily. Jay Som (Melina Duterte) hides gifts in each track that reveal themselves with every listen. (more)

“I’m where I can feel it, I’m where I can feel.”


Big Thief – Two Hands

Big Thief are on fire and released two great records this year. “Not,” from their latest, is pure poetry – particularly this live performance. Seeing a band this connected is a beautiful thing.

“It’s not the meat of your thigh, nor your spine tattoo, nor your shimmery eye, nor the wet of the dew.”


Jaime – Brittany Howard

Brittany Howard’s first record outside of Alabama Shakes is full of magic – from the classic soul of “Stay High” to the funkadelic “History Repeats.” It may be physically impossible to stand still during the last minute and a half of this song.

“I just don’t want to be back in this place again.”


Self Titled – Better Oblivion Community Center

Skillful collab between Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers is some honest-to-goodness songwriting. “Dylan Thomas” is a pure pop nugget I listened to more than my doctor this year.

“I’m strapped into a corset, climbed into your corvette, thirsty for another drink.”


Beneath the Eyrie – Pixies

The new record is as cohesive as their early work, yet nothing like it. Bassist Paz Lenchantin plays the Nancy Sinatra role in “Ready for Love.” (more)

“I’m succeeding as a failer.”


Lux Prima – Karen O & Danger Mouse

Producer Danger Mouse teamed up with Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for a collection of sprawling space rock. Think Air’s Moon Safari for a new age.

“I’m nowhere, I’m no one, I’m nobody… there’s nobody but you.”


Old LP – That Dog

Old LP sounds like classic That Dog – dynamic, sharp, and bittersweet. That bridge at the 2:08 mark.  (more)

“Don’t bother to say goodbye, just walk away.” 


Itekoma Hits – Otoboke Beaver

My go-to record when feeling aggressive this year was by Japanese punk rockers Otoboke Beaver. These ladies are magically unhinged.



Lets Rock – The Black Keys

The Black Keys made a quick and dirty record this year in search of the next “Louie Louie.”

“Tell me lies, la-la-la-la-la-la-lies.”


Means to Me – Long Beard

Leslie Bear’s jangly dream-pop would be a treat for any Harriet Wheeler fan.

“Only you can make me feel like I need something more to do.”


Honorable Mention

  • King of the Dudes (EP) – Sunflower Bean
  • Abbey Road Anniversary Deluxe – The Beatles
  • South Of Reality – The Claypool Lennon Delirium
  • Groove Denied – Stephen Malkmus
  • My Finest Work Yet – Andrew Bird
  • Then I Try Some More – Johanna Steinberg
  • Nostalgia Kills – Jill Sobule
  • Years To Burn – Calexico & Iron & Wine
  • Fool – Joe Jackson
  • Help Us Stranger – The Raconteurs
  • Anima – Thom Yorke
  • Minidisc [Hacks] – Radiohead
  • The Center Won’t Hold – Sleater Kinney
  • Sunshine Rock – Bob Mould
  • Planet England (EP) – Robyn Hitchcock and Andy Partridge
  • Hyperspace – Beck

Using a host of pen names, Eric Curran has been blogging in one form or another for well over 10 years. He's a partner at One Track Mine, and also runs the blog Jealous Foodies.

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