5 Reasons You Must Watch ‘Stranger Things’

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5. Anyone old enough to remember the 80’s, specifically the movies, are in for a richly enjoyable retro-feast that has been filled to the brim with references written into every episode that effectively bring back the original feeling you had the first time you watched them. This is a great trip into the pre-computer, pre-internet world where days were filled with hours of outdoor play or Dungeon & Dragons, if you were lucky.

4. Stranger Things contains elements of sci-fi, teen romance, and horror that will remind you of movies like Goonies , Alien, and 16 Candles. This show gives you the ability to enjoy those moments without having to actually watch those movies again. Eighties actors Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine play characters in an Indiana town reacting to the disappearance of a boy that lives near a military testing facility in the Reagan era.

3. Writers and Directors Matt and Ross Duffer have created a detailed nostalgic blend, inspired by the work of the eras best. Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter are clear influences that effect the storytelling and visual styles that capture 80’s pop culture like no other show.

2.The ability of the cinematographer, production and costume designers, even the composers, to capture real feelings makes the series extremely unique and must see TV. Especially effective is the combination of digital and practical effects which isn’t as distracting as all CGI.

1. Stranger Things is a perfect example of what can happen within the format of  a TV series. In what is a masterfully crafted homage to 80’s movies, we are treated to a world that combines almost every great science fiction and horror movie made during that decade. The results are the chance to watch everything you might have loved at that time come back to life for a enjoyable eight episode run.

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