5 Great Bad Religion Tracks

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Bad Religion have released sixteen studio albums since emerging from the Los Angeles Punk scene in 1979. In the process they collected a true cult following of politically minded fans that take their anti-establishment punk anthems with a side of science.

Truth be told, Bad Religion are not your average punks. Lead singer Greg Gaffin has a PhD and lectures courses on evolution and paleontology while guitarist Brett Gurewitz owns Epitaph Records. They’re elder statesmen of the movement, carrying the torch and feeling the burn, as it were. Here are 5 Great Bad Religion Tracks for those that may only know American Jesus or 21st Century Digital Boy.

What It Is / Stranger Than Fiction, 1994
Stranger Than Fiction features a few “hit” singles, none of which made this list because that would be too easy. “What It Is” explores a common theme in Bad Religion’s work, specifically the acceptance of unknowns without resorting to mythology.

Beyond Electric Dreams / The Empire Strikes First, 2004
I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is the only song ever written to include the words ratiocinationTheophany and creosote. I mean, sure, plenty of songs mention them separately, but…

Incomplete / Stranger than Fiction, 1994
Actually this was one of four singles off Stranger than Fiction not get any play. It may have been a little too hardcore after the more radio friendly tracks like “21st Century Digital Boy,” “Infected,” and the title track.

52 Seconds / New Maps Of Hell, 2007
“52 Seconds” emphasizes the humility shared by religion and science with lines like “I know I’m part of something greater than myself” and “We’re all engaging in a game of attrition.” Happy holidays.

True North / True North, 2013
Ok, I had to include one really Bad Religion-y anthem – but I’m going with something more recent. Their roots are intact on the galloping “True North,” well served by some thick yet unobtrusive production. Still moshing and throwing elbows all these years later.

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