5 Best TV Theme Songs of the 70s

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These 5 Best TV Theme Songs of the 70s benefit from the folksy individualism of the era and are distinctly warm in their analog-itude.

5. Taxi

Taxi ran between 1978-1983 and was the Seinfield of its day. The opening theme is called “Angela,” written by Bob James. That flute haunted my evenings as a child.


4. Barney Miller

Barney Miller was  Dad-TV for sure, and introduced many to the late, great Abe Vigoda. Jack Elliott and Allyn Ferguson wrote the theme.

2. Sanford & Son

From 1972 to 1977, Sanford and Son was some of the funniest stuff on television.  The one and only Quincy Jones wrote the theme, entitled “The Streetbeater.”


2. Rockford Files

James Garner owned pre-Harrison Ford Hollywood. Rockford Files ran from 1972 to 1980, and it’s theme by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter is so good that it totally overshadows anything else one might remember about this show.

1. Baretta

Sung by the most talented of the rat-packers,  Sammy Davis, Jr., “Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow” is the best TV theme of the seventies hands down. It’s epic and soulful and there may never be another theme song that holds a candle to it. Although they tried with Hell Town.



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