5 Best George Michael Songs

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As part of its killing spree, 2016 took another in a long line of pop royalty. George Michael sold over a hundred million records as a solo artist and with his original band WHAM! He made baby-making music for folks that didn’t want babies. He spoke directly and unapologetically to the latent hedonist in us all, the one hankering for some good old fashioned anonymous sex. Best known for tracks like Faith, Careless Whisper, Father Figure, and Everything She Wants, his music ran the gamut from top forty pop, to blue-eyed soul, and beyond. Here are the 5 Best George Michael Songs.

5. Cowboys & Angels

Michael’s second solo album Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 was a giant step in a more serious direction. Although it sold 8 million records, some considered it a failure. Wow, the nineties were a whole different ballgame. To put that in perspective, not one album in 2016 sold 2 million copies. This track only made it to number 45 on the charts. 

4. Fastlove

Taken from his third solo record Older, Fastlove is George Michael in full horn-dog mode. “All this bullshit conversation… baby, can’t you read the signs?” This song works just as well at the club as it does while you’re dancing around cleaning your apartment. 

3. Waiting For That Day

Waiting for that Day adds a little trip-hop to the adult contemporary mix, and borrows enough from The Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want that they get a writing credit. 

2. Killer / Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

Here George covers the Seal/Adamski track Killer live, and sprinkles in some Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone along the way – yet it all somehow sounds quintessentially George Michael. 

1. Freedom ’90

Not to be confused with the WHAM! hit Freedom, this 1990 track and it’s famous video cemented George once and for all as a serious writer, producer and performer. On this track, George wrestles back control of his image from the powers that be with the same irresistible danceability of his best work. George Michael will be missed.

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